Early Owl offer till 31 jan 2024

Early Owl offer till 31 jan 2024

Sidhi baat, No Bakwas - Scholify's upto 100% scholarships

Carve Your Path, Choose Your College, Claim Your Scholarship


Should You Take The Scholify Test


At Scholify, we've provided over 2600 students with scholarships worth over INR 4.5 crores. We understand that financial obstacles shouldn't limit education. Every student deserves a chance to succeed, and our scholarships aim to break those financial barriers. Join us in making quality education accessible to all.


Scholify leads the way by conducting the scholarship exam itself, providing a clear path for your success. We assess merit diligently, ensuring that scholarships are awarded based solely on your performance in the test conducted by us. Your journey with us guarantees a fair and merit-driven approach, empowering you to reach your educational goals.


The Scholify scholarship test is your ticket to academic success. NO STRINGS ATTACHED – you can secure scholarships for any college of your choice. Whether you're about to enroll, already pursuing a course, or exploring educational paths, this test opens doors to scholarships, Ensuring support for your academic journey, no matter where you are

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Test Highlight

100% Scholarship

Upto 100% scholarships will be awarded based on the performance in the Scholarship Test. Work hard!

Open eligibilty

Any Student from class 8th to Masters can apply for the scholarship test! we don't want anyone to lack behind in their studies

No Course/College compulsion

There is no College compulsion, You can get the scholarship up and running, in any college of your choice PAN INDIA.

8 Crores worth of scholarships

Scholarships for everyone!

Who Can Apply?

Scholify scholarships are open to individuals in various stages of their educational journey.

Check out the categories below to see where you fit:

Class 8th, 9th, 10th

Ready to escape the land of textbooks and dive into the world of scholarships? Class 8 to 10, it's your time to shine!

Class 11th, 12th (Commerce)

 Juggling through accounting books all day? Your balace sheet might not match but lets match you with the right scholarship. 

Class 11th, 12th (Science)

Science squad, assemble! Your equations might be complex, but your path to a scholarship is straightforward. Join the ranks of future scientists!


Undergrads, listen up! Whether you're decoding Shakespeare or mastering business lingo, there's a scholarship waiting with your name on it.


 Techies and lab wizards, gear up! From coding dreams to scientific explorations, let's fund your academic journey.


MBA hustlers, this one's for you. It's not just a scholarship; it's an investment in your future boardroom success

CA Prep

Crunching numbers and charting financial territories? Chart your way to a scholarship as you prep for the prestigious CA exams.

JEE Prep

You may be struggling with chemistry equations, but Scholify is here to help you untangle your scholarship equation!


Future architect of Indian Government, your journey begins here. Let's break down the financial barriers on your way to making a difference.

Mark Your Calendar:

Scholify Test on March 31st - Don't Miss Your Chance for Educational Excellence!

Save the date

31st March

On March 31st,

the test is scheduled to take place.

Are You Facing This Problem?

If financial barriers are hindering your education, Scholify's scholarships provide a solution. Explore the opportunity to pave your way to academic success.

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Join Scholify Today!

Don’t let financial constraints limit your educational aspirations. Join Scholify, where we believe in making quality education accessible to all.

Register Now for the Scholify Scholarship Test

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Frequently Asked Questions

So, what is this Scholify Scholarship Challenge about?

Picture being quizzed during the weekend, only instead of that, you can get paid for your efforts. That’s how Scholify rolls! You can forget about the unpleasant staining of tuition fees because we offer great scholarships. We have your back from high school to colleges and entrance tests to coaching classes.

So, how do I become the next Scholify scholarship superstar?

 No worries dude! Only make your way to our site, select the category that suits you best, register, and just pass the examination well. If only you could prove just how intelligent you are for instance by taking this scholarship test that could be yours too! Remember, self-assuredness is important, so get set and let out that Einstein inside you shine.

What’s the deal with the fees? Are you folks selling dreams or diamond necklaces?

Wait a minute naysayer! The amount charged is meant for the facilitation of this campaign and also for sieving out unserious applicants. It is also set to make sure nothing goes wrong. Look at it as an investment for your future like purchasing that fancy pen you will never use. Also, it’s dirt cheap compared to what you stand to gain – a 100% scholarship bonanza!

Okay but I heard rumors about paying to enter. Spill it!

Oh yes! The “investment”, we would rather call it. It is similar to a small fee charged on a toll road for a scholarship. Costs range between ₹249 and ₹1000 depending on whether it’s a school or college in your academic journey. But then, looking at the costs of education itself, is there anything simpler?

Wait a minute! Everything and anything in the syllabus? That sounds like really tough work!

Be warned; we are talking to the nerds out there! Just take it easy; it’s not like learning by heart where Mongolia’s capital city is or how fast an unladen swallow flies. It is simply an exercise in creative thinking – that eureka moment when logic falls into place or you excel in your exams. Think of all this as a lap around your knowledge, supported by scholarships pouring from the heavens like confetti.

Scholarships up to 100%? Is that like a unicorn – some mythical creature and absolutely awesome?

Because unicorns exist, and they live at Scholify, so get ready for the ride of your life,buddy. Our instructions are clear, take the test and you will not have to deal with school fees anymore.

No way is this possible. Are there any hidden charges in it?

Yes and no. You may have heard of Scholify from our appearance in Shark Tank India Season 1 before we went off air. It is our Big Bang Comeback campaign for all you students out there. We are all about student empowerment, not deceptive actions. Deal?

Count me in! What do I do to get into this genius paradise?

Visit [Scholify website link] and sign up as a winner. Pick the category, reveal your information, and be prepared to show off your excellence, in other words, scholarship!

Merit-based, huh? Sounds like a competition where everyone except Einstein loses. What are my chances?

Visit https://scholifyme.com/ and sign up as a winner. Pick the category, reveal your information, and be prepared to show off your excellence, in other words, scholarship!

How do I apply? Oh no, this sounds like interpreting IKEA instructions in pitch darkness. Is it hard?

 Just relax my friend who fears applications! Registering for the Scholify scholarship is as simple as tying up your shoes. We have also made this process as easy as pie as we have provided clear guidelines and no hidden payments. Just choose your category, sign up, and get ready for the test!

English? Ugh! Can I use any other language?

We understand that English may be the hardest language in our motherland. For now, the test will largely be conducted in English but we are thinking of expanding our testing area to other languages too.

Scholify legit? Sounds like a unicorn made of rainbows and wishes. Can I be sure?

Although we can’t fly or have magical horns, Scholify is as real as a cup of tea on a bright day. We have a bunch of passionists on education who believe in the power of knowledge (and free pizza but that is just between us). Moreover, the former involvement with Superhero Sonu Sood, recognition by Sharks on Shark Tank India Season 1, and over 2500 success stories are all part of our game plan so far. Given that, we are pretty sure all this will also mean something to you, right?

Have you got any question that is more specific than a zebra with polka dots?

 Don’t worry buddy! Our supportive team is like humans with encyclopedic brains and humor (I think you already know that). In case you want more details just write us through knowmore@scholifyme.com and we are going to attempt to answer your questions faster than you say ABCD reversely!

What happens after registering for the test?

Guess what, it’s like this. After you have registered, you receive a confirmation email. Thereafter, on 24th March by 10 am, you will get the link to the exam. All you need to do is click on the email link at your preferred time before 10 pm on 24th of March. You are free to start a 90-minute test according to your preference before 10 p.m. on March 24th, 2024. Note carefully that once you have clicked on the link to begin your test, there is no going back. In between the day of registration and the D-Day however, all our social media pages will be directing updates and inspirational messages from Owlbert Einstein himself.

 P.S.: For reading this FAQ, we accept high fives as payment; just saying! Don’t forget that knowledge powers you up and maybe with some luck and your brainpower working together, you could become a SCHOLAR among those in your network next. Take it from us; winning such an educational grant is life-altering!

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