pushkar suthar hey there! I’m Pushkar, I am truly grateful for the fact that you’re here I value your time so quickly talk about who am i and why I started this blog   I am not an expert or GURU but I’m on the adventure of internet marketing trying to help people with whatever little micro knowledge that I have and learn from practicing and reading most successful people. I love internet Marketing I would love to learn, research, experiment, fail & talk about marketing I love to know why people Buy and what psychology going on when they buy something. if bought something why do they buy from a particular place? my whole experience will be shared in my blog posts. I have attended many courses & read about the world’s best marketers and still learning

why I started this Blog

I remember I was the guy with limiting beliefs. whatever I learn should be kept to myself only I remember when I started I was the one who was collecting everything (the freeloader 😜) and putting those tutorials into a secret folder so that if anyone accesses my laptop they don’t get the key to little knowledge that I had. it’s probably because I have grown up in a society where people say you can only win if someone fails. at that, I felt jealous when someone else succeeded. but when I explore & start watching people who most successful in the world. they talk about the abundance mindset and the think win-win approach where everyone has the space to fly it’s like the sky has no limits… that’s when my mindset shifted from a selfish guy to a Guy wanna contribute to society and wanna help people to get success in their life. that sense of contribution lead me to create this Blog and I’m committed to helping you in the best possible way ☺️. I promise you to deliver only real & legit things that actually need. I’m not here to sell any random product whether it’s my own or someone else for just the sake of commissions. if I recommend something it’s because I trust it and have tested and worked for me.