pushkar suthar

Hi I'm Pushkar

An expert in SMM ads and funnel strategies. My focus is on helping businesses like yours create a robust online presence that generates leads & Sales. Let’s work together to develop an effective online marketing plan that delivers measurable results and drives business growth

The things i love to talk about

Build Systems

Making your own online real estate that's available 24/7, 365 days a year, rather than having an offline shop that's available only a few hours a day


Now you have created your System now its time attract your dream customers to the system and serve them at highest level possible


The system has now attracted our dream clients and customers, but that is not enough for the online world, it is your sales people, the words that you have written on the web pages (we call it copywriting) & the hooks that will keep your customers coming back so that you can keep selling them.

Past Work

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