things in which I trust, used and worked for me

“It’s not the lack of resources, it’s your lack of resourcefulness that stops you”. – Tony Robbins


one of the greatest tools that God had given, use this!

don’t follow everyone and try to do whatever people are saying they wanna make money for themselves by trying to sell what makes money for themself
if don’t have access to expensive things use your mind to be resourceful and try some alternatives to get your sith done…
don’t be a guy who sits in place for just one thing…
that’s an excuse that you’re giving to yourself
, ask yourself



your mind is not enough you need some your mind will give you ideas & suggestions based on whatever you already had inside.

you need to educate your brain for that I suggested some of the resources that I used and worked for me

1. Google & YouTube

be smart enough to search for it…

85% of the time we lake in things because we don’t search for solutions
remember you’re just one search away

if you don’t know about something it doesn’t mean that shit can stop you no…
Search for it…research read blogs watch tutorials don’t make excuses


marketing books

1. russel brunsens books… Dotcom secret  and traffic secret
2. dot com Secret
3. traffic secrets
4. crush it by Gary Vee

5. influence psychology of persuasion

6.eMyth revisited



Rich Dad Poor Dad-

Rich Dad Poor Dad
this best selling book by Robert t Kiyosaki  is the number personal finance book .you understand why some people make a huge empire even if they start with zero and some people who inherited that money or win in any lottery become poor again if anyone struggling financially means this guy this not following the principle of this book and I have seen in real life many, many time after reading this book you know this world from a greater perspective in-group people only you can see the opportunities you that different lens, and the way Robert explained the complex financial terms is his talking to a 5 standard kid so that any can get this information very easy for me this was the life-changing book highly recommended especially if you are struggling financially go get from amazon read it or if you are like me who hate reading the book you listen to the AudioBook & you can get it for free on Audible (if you are the first time member)

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People

you can read summaries of all that mansions here


automation (things that make you work easily smart and efficiently or things that made my journey easy fast and Hassel-free)

I believe in having systems instead of peoples
because people are less efficient compared to technology
people work based on mood, they might get ill, etc, etc their several reasons for that

I use some tools that work for me 27×7
1. hosting
2. for email marketing
3. for building a sales funnel
Divi page builder

for WordPress
theme – Divi
SEO – Yoast

for hosting my courses