How to Start Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Okay.. you heard of affiliate marketing and wondering all the Hype is about wanna learn about how to start affiliate marketing from scratch then I invite you to read the whole step-by-step guide on How to do affiliate marketing in 2021 explained in easy simple words
(completely beginner-friendly way)


so let’s first understand what is affiliate marketing and how it works.
Affiliate marketing is the process of making money by promoting other people’s products 

 in this system, there are 3 parties involved
1st vendor or the company
2nd customer
3rd affiliate marketer ( the middle man )



The affiliate marketer will help the company to sell more products and in return, the company will give Commission to that middleman (commission can vary from 10% and even sometimes up to 90%) and the customer will get the right product which helped him to get his results. if we see this case then this is a win-win-win situation for all three parties.


so let’s get started on how to become a super affiliate marketer so


step 1 find your niche


the riches in the niches                                                                                                                                                      ~Unknown (i don’t know who said this but its a fact)
a Niche is a category in which you are going to sell/presell/ Recommend the product.
it means you will only promote products in that particular category
for example
it may be the electronics
it may be the fashion
it may be the digital marketing
it may be  books
it may be fitness etc



you might be thinking but Pushkar…
why I should choose a niche before starting further process when you can promote all types of products in all categories🤔

well you are right but by doing this way you face a lot of competition you’ll compete against all other affiliate marketers but if choose a niche then you will only be competing with the people who are in that niche only here you have more chances of winning. remember its better to become a shark in the small pond of fish than become another shark in a big ocean





Very famous marketer Seth Godin says
” don’t find a customer for your product find products for your customer”
You can find multiple products
So it will be good if you start by choosing a niche

pro tip: become an affiliate for the product that you have been using yourself, it will be easy to sell that and you’ll be more confident .look inside you what are the things you are interested in. do you love electronic gadgets cool select your favorite gadget and sell it or you love fashion then go sell fashion accessories and the harsh truth: Affiliate marketing is a real business, not a Quick Rich Scheme, and takes hard work and consistent efforts. if you choose the wrong niche then you will be bored very soon and give up on this business whereas if choose the right niche then it will be just fun by doing this you don’t have to think like you are working it’ll just fun thing for you.

sure you can use paid method but in this way, you need to learn about that industry, and most importantly the customer psychology






still have not found your niche! no worry,


pick one in which you have interested a little bit and get started because until you didn’t try you’ll never know once you found, you can switch any time but to learn affiliate you start because this is a practical thing that can only be learned by doing


Step 2. Find affiliate program


Now if you have found selected then you have just had to search on the Google search bar
“[ niche ]+ affiliate program”

how start affiliate marketing
You will find tons of affiliate programs in your niche
If you don’t have found the niche then join any affiliate network that has all types of products like Amazon, ClickBank, etc .it’s that simple




there are a few affiliate programs that I am mentioning below you can join


here are some of the Best affiliate programs for beginners (for all niches)

for Physical Products

Amazon Associate



for Digital Product






Step 3. choose the product


To choosing a product, There are certain criteria that you should keep in mind
for a physical product
◾make sure it has a higher price ( in this way you will have more money for the same amount of effort)

◾you have to make sure that the product must add value to your customer.

◾Never product note sale product for just sake of commissions
( if you are doing it for just the sake of commission not confident enough to sell and have sold a product that doesn’t add value to that customer you will lose the customer
Instead, you recommend the right product that helps them to achieve their goals. they will come back to you whenever they need any suggestions or recommendations for a product they are more than happy to buy from your affiliate link because you are giving them the right suggestion. you’re suggesting the right product so, in this way, you can sell to a single customer multiple products.




step 4 Get your affiliate links


once you registered successfully,


Your finding link for your affiliate dashboard then will be on the top of your screen you can choose any product and you can get a Link from here if you are in other public networks then there will be a links option to get any products to link this will be unique to you only that have that right you how much cells you are giving to them and that’s how they will calculate the commission according to their emission rate


step 5 promote your affiliate link


Now here is the real part comes


this is where people get results and they don’t get results how you promote your affiliate links that matter the most in affiliate marketing
Most newbies just get links and through them into Facebook groups WhatsApp groups and every comment of any social media post and hoping that someone will buy from their links and will get Commissions

*Pro tips for promoting your affiliate link
Whatever product that you are promoting it must solve a problem and the problem you have to create a solution it may be a blog post it may be a video may be in any form it may be a podcast and now you give them the reason to do it in the easy way which is true that product and you will link that product in the description or in that blog or show notes of the podcast


step 6: scale Your affiliate marketing Business


once you got the first few cells then you can invest in this business to scale this up in getting commissions on a large scale
By using paid ads + automatic sales process
build trust


In my future blog posts, I will share the exact blueprint that the super affiliate you use for now will be overwhelming for you to get that level so you just have to do what I have suggested in this blog post in an automatic system of affiliate marketing



do I need a laptop to start affiliate marketing?n


no, it’s not necessary to have a laptop but it’ll be great if you have one

How to make money affiliate marketingn


you can sell affiliate products and for that, that company/vendor will give a commission (vary start from 5% goes up to 90% depending on the vendor )

what does affiliate marketing mean?n


there are no charges to start affiliate marketing but if wanna scale then you can invest in paid ads

How old do you have to be to do affiliate marketing?n


there is no age limit in affiliate marketing  anyone can do it











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